grunt-codekit now supports js concatenation

9. juni 2014

A final missing piece was added to the plugin for Grunt I made a few months ago: javascript concatenation using CodeKit’s prepend and append directives. Now you might think that this is a useless feature, as we have had the grunt-contrib-concat plugin for ages, but to use that you would have to change your existing project for it to work. Adding support for handling inline build comments like these

// @codekit-prepend "some-file.js"
// @codekit-append "some-other-file.js"

makes it possible to keep using CodeKit&tm; and Grunt at the same time. That means non-Mac developers can still contribute to you project, you don’t have to change any code, and you can keep the nitty-gritty of various builds in Grunt, and just use CodeKit like you normally do. Which was kinda the point for me, since CodeKit < 2 sucked at sharing config between team members (build file changed all the time). Les resten av dette innlegget »

Getting the IP of a SaMBa server or Windows machine

6. september 2011

At times my server gets a new ip from my router, thus rendering my hosts file invalid and generally making life less pleasant. So in order to get contact with the server again, I need to get the IP. This is where nmblookup comes in.

Simply type
nmblookup name-of-the-machine
(where name-of-the-machine obviously is the samba configured name) will pop out a result like this
querying name-of-the-machine on

WebDAV, Fronter og Vista

1. juni 2009

Fronter støttet noe som heter WebDAV som gjør at man kan redigere filer som ligger på Fronter direkte fra f.eks. Word. Alt man trenger å gjøre i Word er å trykke «Åpne fil …» og så kopiere adressen til fila (URL-en) som man har fra Fronter. Akkurat dette står veldig godt forklart på Fronter, så om du lurer kan du se der.

Det som er et problem er at dette tilsynelatende ikke fungerer for Vista! Les resten av dette innlegget »

Anti-virus on a stick: SLAX + F-Prot

9. mai 2008

If you are careful and knowledgeable when it comes to computers, you do not need to have an anti-virus program clogging up you system. But for most people this is a bad decition. Because people do get viruses. And once you do, perhaps because you failed to update your anti-virus program, chances are high that you’re fucked. No matter what anti-virus program you use, the virus won’t go away, and wont let itself be deleted. So what do you do?

What you need is to start up your computer without Windows (and thus the viruses) being loaded into memory. There are various ways you can do this, among those are a Windows Live CD with anti-virus (which I would like to write about later), but my solution to the problem is Linux and Frisk’s mailserver/workstation package, F-PROT Antivirus.

f-prot logo
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<title /> bug in Internet Explorer

19. april 2008

Just thought I would bring along my experience on this little known bug in Internet Explorer. Les resten av dette innlegget »

Incomplete problem driver list for Vista SP1

17. april 2008

The localized versions of Vista Service Pack 1 finally arrived today, but as it were, I never got the option of updating my Vista install through Windows Update. The Norwegian computer site had some info that pointed to a Microsoft Help and Support article on just this matter. Les resten av dette innlegget »

Notes on Vista performance from a convert

1. desember 2007

My Acer 6292 Notebook was delivered with Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. In short, it did not impress me. Mostly, this was due to bad performance. I am not talking about «oh, it runs Office 10% slower than XP SP3», but for a brand new dual core & 2 gig ram notebook with a clean install, it was just dog slow. I tried turning off all eye candy (substituting the Aero look for the plain old Classic theme, unnecessary startup programs using msconfig, and disabled all indexing. Still it seemed slow.

I ended up repartitioning the drive, giving Vista 50GB, and left the rest to a new Ubuntu install. Which is what I have been running ever since. Until last week, that was… Les resten av dette innlegget »