Running Karma tests on BrowserStack

27. mai 2014

Browserstack is a great setup and Karma is a great test runner for javascript, so the two should be a pretty good fit right? In practice it took me quite a lot of time to get the settings right, including discussions on the karma users group and some help from the good folks at BrowserStack. What follows are some brief notes on how I set this up to run with Grunt and on the Jenkins build server. Les resten av dette innlegget »

Infinitest in IntelliJ

5. oktober 2011

We had TDD guru Johannes Brodwall deliver a workshop on TDD and refactoring for my company last Friday, and that prompted me to (yet again) try to get the continuous test runner Infinitest working in IntelliJ. Today I managed to get it working, but it was certainly not thanks to the non-existing documentation!

The key missing part of getting it working after installing the plugin through the IntelliJ plugin wizard is to enable the Infinitest facet for your project. Right click on the project, choose facet, add Infinitest and voila! You now have a new tab called Infinitest.