grunt-codekit now supports js concatenation

9. juni 2014

A final missing piece was added to the plugin for Grunt I made a few months ago: javascript concatenation using CodeKit’s prepend and append directives. Now you might think that this is a useless feature, as we have had the grunt-contrib-concat plugin for ages, but to use that you would have to change your existing project for it to work. Adding support for handling inline build comments like these

// @codekit-prepend "some-file.js"
// @codekit-append "some-other-file.js"

makes it possible to keep using CodeKit&tm; and Grunt at the same time. That means non-Mac developers can still contribute to you project, you don’t have to change any code, and you can keep the nitty-gritty of various builds in Grunt, and just use CodeKit like you normally do. Which was kinda the point for me, since CodeKit < 2 sucked at sharing config between team members (build file changed all the time). Les resten av dette innlegget »

Infinitest in IntelliJ

5. oktober 2011

We had TDD guru Johannes Brodwall deliver a workshop on TDD and refactoring for my company last Friday, and that prompted me to (yet again) try to get the continuous test runner Infinitest working in IntelliJ. Today I managed to get it working, but it was certainly not thanks to the non-existing documentation!

The key missing part of getting it working after installing the plugin through the IntelliJ plugin wizard is to enable the Infinitest facet for your project. Right click on the project, choose facet, add Infinitest and voila! You now have a new tab called Infinitest.