Using Bittorrent Sync behind a firewall

24. november 2014

Getting Bittorrent Sync to work in the workplace seems frustratingly hard to do, at least if you are as unsuccesful at googling solutions for bypassing the corporate firewalls as I was. Turns out it is really easy to get it working! Les resten av dette innlegget »

Infinitest in IntelliJ

5. oktober 2011

We had TDD guru Johannes Brodwall deliver a workshop on TDD and refactoring for my company last Friday, and that prompted me to (yet again) try to get the continuous test runner Infinitest working in IntelliJ. Today I managed to get it working, but it was certainly not thanks to the non-existing documentation!

The key missing part of getting it working after installing the plugin through the IntelliJ plugin wizard is to enable the Infinitest facet for your project. Right click on the project, choose facet, add Infinitest and voila! You now have a new tab called Infinitest.

Quick-tech: creating a CronTrigger using a properties file

31. mars 2011

This post concerns how to set up a Quartz CronTrigger using a properties file. (If you are unsure what Quartz is, take a look at this O’Reilly article)

A recent project I was on needed to set up a job to run at periodic time intervals using Quartz. Quartz has some how-tos on programmatically setting up Triggers and some info on using properties files to set up Quartz, but none that merges the two. So I thought I would make one, seeing that there are always more people searching for info like this 😉
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