Fixing font rendering in WebStorm on Ubuntu

The font rendering experience I got out of the box on Ubuntu was terrible, but I think it was just due to using the Oracle JDK, which I had to use since WebStorm crashed when using the OpenJDK that was installed by default in Ubuntu 17.04. After wasting half a day trying to fix it – seeing countless dubious JDK downloads and unhelpful tips – this is what I ended up doing that seemed the most solid and actually worked.

Basically follow the steps outlined on Selecting the JDK version the IDE will run under:
This involves
1. Installing the Jetbrains Runtime Plugin
2. Downloading the latest available runtime, which was jbsdk8u152b845.3_linux_x86 for me, as I was running a 32 bit VM.
3. Install it and restart the Webstorm instance.

After restart I got an error message saying I was running an outdated version (1.8u76), even though I explicitly had specified a version that should be 1.8u152 – if I read the version string in the filename correctly.

.../jbsdk8u152b845.3_linux_x86/bin$ strings java | grep 1.8.0_76

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