Avoid Fundancer and Theater 21

A Youtube ad for a site called Theater 21, that promised a variety of full length movies for a monthly fee, led me to a site sign up for a trial membership. The membership signup did not lead to any Theater21 site, but to Fundancer.net. After signing up I tried searching for the movie on fundancer, found nothing, and then promptly returned to Theater 21, which seemed to have the movie. Every attempt at logging in only landed me back at Fundancer. So I sent a customer inquiry to the support, asking for how to get access. The response came within seconds: my subscription was cancelled!

The reason was obvious. They did not actually have any of the content they advertised, only clinging to income by people not cancelling the fake subscription before 5 days had passed, leading to 89$ being deducted monthly. That’s 3 times what Netflix and HBO cost each month. The site Spam 404 also warns aganst the site. Should have googled them …

My advise is clear: stay clear of Theater 21 and Fundancer! And so should Google!

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