My experiences with the HubiC backup service

This review sums up my two first months of using the cloud service HubiC, which is a very reasonable priced backup and file sharing service backed by the French company OVH. I started using this instead of the Norwegian JottaCloud backup service as they never managed to create a linux client, and I was tired of waiting.

TL;DR for those who cannot wait, here are my main points:

  • Great pricing
  • Data is hosted in France.
  • A nice web page in many languages, along with a nice localized web app for your account.
  • Good Linux client, if you manage to set it up
  • Poor documentation
  • Poor support.
  • Payment is problematic.
  • All info by email is in French.
  • Not so great uptime/stability of the web servers


5€/month for 10TB. This is great, and compares favorably with most other services.

Technical quality

The web site is nice, although I had a really hard time getting my phone number to validate and ended up having to examine the javascript code to find out what was wrong … Still unsure whether they actually did anything about this … But once you have managed to sign up everything is good. The client programs for Mac and Linux are also good, but you will struggle to set up the linux client as there is NO documentation (per May 2015).


Data is hosted in France, not the US. So goodbye NSA, and hello BRGE. This is great. The uptime has not been so great. My logs from May and June contains lots of server errors. At one time nothing was uploaded for a couple of days. But this is for the private market, so this is tolerable. Especially at that price 😀

Poor documentation

Customers have implicitly documented stuff on the forums, but that does not count. You need to read the man page after installing the linux client, google for tips on setup (possibly using my init script), and basically wander around in the dark until you get it working. And it’s very hard to debug the init scripts on Ubuntu as it is, so some help pages would have been sorely needed, as hubic does not report to the system logs.

Poor support

No phone, no email, no case tracking. You need to post messages in the forum page, and request personal help by sending private messages to the team there. Support takes forever to answer you.

HubiC is French, so of course they have some problems communicating with the outside world due to severe problems understanding Anglo-Saxon humor, and this really shows in the forums and in the support replies 🙂 But they are generally nice people it seems. Due to the slow response and awkward communication, I have a feeling that the programmers themselves are involved in the support requests … At least that could explain some things, as I am sure they have tons of bugs and features to implement and these annoying customers are keeping them from doing so 😉

No feature request or open issue tracker

I have so far found several bugs, documented and reported them. What happens later on I don’t know. An issue tracker would be nice.

Lots of unlocalized bits

Most emails are in French, which is especially problematic if you have payment problems, as you will only find out once stuff stops working.


I really like hubiC, actually. They seem to build a very solid platform at a very competitive price, and although there are some kinks here and there, it generally works very well. They do have problems communicating this to the outside world, but the French have never been known to take a lot of room on the global entrepreneurial field, so I guess this just comes down to lack of experience. Still, human communication is where they need to improve the most! At the moment, hubiC reminds me of communicating with a government bureau by mail. No personality is shown anywhere. What about having a little blog, like Just a sneak peek into the everyday life, and what is going on? This is great for building a community. Hoping for the best, hubiC!

16 Responses to My experiences with the HubiC backup service

  1. Miguel sier:

    HUBIC is a nightmare for this kind of service! I paid, service is not working, and have absolutely no support! TERRIBLE!!

    • Carl-Erik sier:

      Have you tried contacting them by private message through their forums? I agree that it is clunky and cumbersome, but I have always gotten a reply within a day.

  2. Niklas sier:

    There aren’t even answers within a week. Hubic is completely unsupported.

    • Carl-Erik sier:

      That’s not my impression. It’s just that the forums are seldom used by the support people. If you need direct support just send a private message. That has worked for me.

      And yeah, the forum is a bottomless pit of nothingness.

  3. Hi Carl, sorry to hi-jack the comments of your blog. Can I ask you for some support with your hubic-init-script ? Thanks a lot.

  4. tefat sier:

    Carl-Erik: Thank you so much for your awsome review on hubic. I came over your statements on and that lead me over to this site 🙂
    I have now installed the linux client and already taken my first test-backup without any problems at all.
    I’ll have the negative feedbacks that i’ve read in the back of my mind, so i will most likelly have a few extra backups for a while. I have a server in Paris too, so this seems like a really nice backup solution! Thanks alot for your effort in your review 🙂

    • Carl-Erik sier:

      My pleasure 🙂 Do post any later findings you come across. So far HubiC has been working just fine for over a year, and the Linux client is a very solid piece of work.

      Still … support is not exactly brilliantly accessible.

  5. Inspiring Travellers sier:

    Hey Carl, just wondering which user you send a private message to on the forum?? I found one Hubic team member on there, but when I tried to send him a message it said that he had blocked private messages!(… Contacting Hubic support is a pain in the $$$ss!!!

    • Carl-Erik sier:

      That is true. See this link.

      There you can see in the signature of the hubiCTeam the following info:

      Don't forget to indicate your e-mail address.

      Hope that helps! Please ping back on whether you get the help you require or not.

      • Carl-Erik sier:

        P.S. I did try to send the hubiCTeam user a PM. I got no error, so I would guess that it worked.

        Do keep in mind that they _reply per email_ – not the forum system, so I would just use email if I were you.

  6. Fredrik sier:


    I’ve tried to terminate my account for months now and it is impossible to do and there are no way to contact them. They keep sending me renewal emails from a no-reply address and there is absolutely no way of contacting them to stop this.

    I’ve paid for a full year subscription but since the performance (speed of upload was way to slow for backup) was so bad I decided to cancel my account before renewal. The account is still active however and OVH/Hubic keep sending me emails that I need to update my payment method or they will terminate my account according to general terms and condition, which I actually would like them to do instead of keep sending me and email about it every month. Absolutely useless!

  7. Karl Marks sier:

    You forgot to mention, that they limit the bandwith extremly.. you get only 10 Mbit; which is very frustrating (and make 10TB witless).

  8. AC sier:

    Can someone give me some guidance, please?
    I was considering use a pay account in hubiC. After read your comments can you recommend any alternative storage service?
    I can pay maximum 10euros/month and need more than 5 TB.
    The other characteristic: be able to uplod entire folders at once.
    Thanks in advance!

  9. deepwinter7 sier:

    I tried Hubic for a year, painfully slow, even deleting files takes an age.
    There software for Mac is buggy and doesnt have parity with windows.
    Support is slow, forums are dead.
    Uploading took months, i didn’t renew and ended up going with Backblaze, which has been painless quick and relatively seamless and cheap.

    I would not recommend it to anyone who has multiple TB to backup.

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