Using Bittorrent Sync behind a firewall

Getting Bittorrent Sync to work in the workplace seems frustratingly hard to do, at least if you are as unsuccesful at googling solutions for bypassing the corporate firewalls as I was. Turns out it is really easy to get it working!

You need a Linux server at home or some other place outside of the workplace for this to function.

1. Set up a SOCKS proxy using ssh

Simply type in the following in your terminal, and you will create an encrypted channel to your server that traffic can pass through.

ssh -v -D 22222 -N

The chosen port, 22222, was chosen at random by myself. It can be anything between 1024 and 65535, as long as it is not taken by some program already.

2. Configure Bittorrent Sync

Open the ‘Advanced’ tab in preferences and set the proxy type and port number.

PreferencesThat’s it!

After restarting Sync you should now see that your shares are syncing. This worked fine for me when trying to get 1Password to sync at work with my private computers at home and my mobile.

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