When OS X refuses to remember your (Enterprise) WPA passwords

Due to a password policy at work, we need to change the password for our Enterprise WPA network quite often. Unfortunately this has surfaced some weird bug in OS X, where it will prompt me for my password each time I log on the network, even though I can see it has been stored correctly in the Keychain. Got some tips from this post on the Apple Discussion forums, but it was not sufficient for me to get it working. I therefore present you the full five steps needed to fix this (at least in my case):

  1. Turn off Airport while doing this
  2. Open your Keychain (just search for «Keychain» in Spotlight) and remove the password associated with the WIFI you are having problems with
  3. Open Networks, press «Advanced» and remove your network from Airport
  4. Without closing the Advanced windows, open the tab marked «802.1X». This was the missing (crucial) step for me to get it working.
  5. Turn on Airport again, choose your network, and type in your username and password.

Hopefully you will no longer be prompted for your network password again!


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