Review: A Song of Ice and Fire

A Song of Ice and Fire
A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sum up: A complex plot with intriguing characters and unexpected twists made me race through the first book in the course ofna few days (and late nights). The formula is getting a bit repetitive by the second book, the prose somewhat limited in expression, and my willingness to spend time on the third book was nowhere near the eagerness I felt after finishing the first book. Not bad by any means, but the author has a harder time keeping my interest after 2000 pages. I would definitely recommend the first book.

This review is made on the basis of the two first books – not the entire series (which is not completed), nor the set of four books. Will read the rest as the HBO series progress beyond season two.

The author keeps us in suspense, throws unexpected twists at us when we are least expecting it, and keeps us humoured by the likes of Tyrion and Varys. I’m thoroughly entertained, quite simply. The way the characters are slowly being built up to form people we start caring for (in some way), is what sets it apart from other series. Unfortunately they never live for long…

The series/ is by no means without its flaws; the prose is awkward and feels unnatural. I believe there is ample room for a presentation of ancient worlds in a modern day language. To me it feels as if the author is leaning too much on the heritage of Tolkien. The
Going directly from book one to book two, there were also quite a few annoyances that struck me: for one, the writing style of book two differs from book one. The most nagging irritation is that Martin insists on spelling every character’s thought out for us, however simple it might be to retrieve from the context. Another thing is the constant reminders of what happened in the previous book – few would read the second volume if they never read the first.

But these are minor complaints: this is not great literature, but great entertainment it definitely is. I would recommend this series to anyone that is in need of a thrilling and entertaining read. It has a heavy page count, but other than that it is smooth sailing all the way to King’s Landing.

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