[OS X] Dial-up using Bluetooth on SE C702

I recently lost my iPhone and so I was back to my trusty, old Sony Ericsson C702. Far from fancy, but it works and I can use it for far longer than I ever could with my iPhone without charging. But I sometimes need on-the-road access to the internet, and now I kneed to do that using C702, which is what this post concerns.

Getting online

Getting online the first time was a no-brainer. The order in which you do this do not matter:

  • Open the Network pane and add Bluetooth PAN
  • Set up Bluetooth device and answer the questions that might pop up on your phone.
  • Choose the device from the drop-down list and press connect

That should be it! But you might experience problems – as I did.


Getting online the first time went like a breeze. But then for some reason I decided to redo the installation, and then, after pairing the phone with my Mac I got the following error:

Bluetooth Setup Assistant can’t set up your device as a dial-up modem because the Bluetooth interface isn’t available. Open Network preferences to add it.

What? An endless loop of trying to add/remove Bluetooth PAN/DUN from the Network Panel, the phone from Bluetooth devices, rebooting, etc. commenced, and every time I tried to go through the hoops again, I was confronted with the same error message. What to do? I called Apple Support. Which at first was pretty useless, saying they do not support Sony Ericsson, etc, blah, blah, blah, and basically wanted to hang up. But since this error message did not concern Sony Ericsson, but rather the setup of the machine (missing interface, remember?), I convinced the support to hang on a bit and try harder to find a solution. Then after asking me about the exact error message she asked me to do the following which turned out to solve all my problems:

  1. Turn off the  machine and reset the power supply. Plug in the power cord. Turn off the machine. The resetting is done by pressing the power button while holding Ctrl-Option-Shift. This should (visually) do nothing, but does do something under the hood.
  2. Reset PRAM. Quoting Apple on what this does:

    A small amount of your computer’s memory, called “parameter random-access memory” or PRAM, stores certain settings in a location that Mac OS X can access quickly.

    This could explain why even after removing the phone from the installed Bluetooth devices, it stilled showed up in the «Connect» list in Network Panels «Bluetooth PAN» section. If it was still being referenced from PRAM (and not the disk settings), it might cause some flukes. OK, so I tried resetting, which is done by shutting down the computer, holding Cmd-Option-P-R and pushing the power button. Keep the buttons pressed until you hear the startup sound for the second time. The PRAM is now reset.

After turning on my machine and trying to pair the phone, I was suddenly prompted by my phone: «Allow using this as a modem?». Success! After pressing yes, and dismissing the next dialogs I could finally connect using the Bluetooth PAN dialog.



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