From webpage to Kindle e-book

Actually, this little post should have been called «How to create e-pubs from web-pages, convert them to .mobi, and read them on your Kindle». But that was too long. I am short on time so I am just going to sum it up for you:

Forget about the content below: just use SendToReader – it is the easiest, most hassle-free solution by far 🙂 (Thanks go to Sergey!)

  1. Add the little bookmarklet from dotEPUB. This will enable you to convert any webpage to the epub format instantly. Pretty much like the pdf-printers most people are accustomed to.
  2. Download Calibre – a free-for-all e-book management system that can convert from/to any format. Available for all operating systems
  3. Go to any web page you would like to have converted and press the dotEPUB bookmarklet to get a epub version.
  4. Add the epub books you now have created to Calibre
  5. You can now mass-convert the titles to mobi or do this per title.
  6. Use Calibre to add them to your e-book reader. It can even send books using e-mail (for instance using Amazon Whispersync to deliver books to your Kindle).

There you go. Any web page is now downloadable as an e-book for your reading device of choice!

4 Responses to From webpage to Kindle e-book

  1. I’d also recommend this web app: SENDtoREADER ( which sends web pages to its users’ Kindles instantly. Each time you want to read something published online, simply click the sendtoreader’s bookmarklet, and the text will be delivered to your Kindle in few minutes. So you don’t have to strain your eyes reading from the computer screen. And you don’t need to waste paper at the same time.

  2. Carl-Erik sier:

    Thanks for the tip! Only problem might be the incurred transfer costs when using email transfer.

  3. Carl-Erik sier:

    These days the bookmarklet can actually convert directly to .mobi. Convert and email – that’s it.

  4. I love sending webpages to my kindle, but I found one at a time was a bit limited. So I built a Chrome extension called EpubPress (

    It let’s you stitch multiple webpages together into an ebook :).

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