When did you last go to a protest march?

Todays harsh debating climate in matters concerning Muslims living in Norway often instigates questions to the Norwegian Muslim community on why they don’t stand up against unpopular views expressed by another Muslim fellow. It’s usually not enough for the proponents of these questions that Muslim umbrella organisations such as Islamsk Råd (the Islamic councel of Norway) states that the views are not kosher (or halal in this case). No, they seem to believe that every man, woman and child  of the Muslim community in Norway must take to the streets to prove that silence is not acceptance. I think this is asking a lot more of a large and diverse group of people than one would ever reasonably expect of anyone else.

Did you go out and march the streets when Norwegians stabbed some Muslim in Telemark just because he was a Muslim? My guess is that you did pretty much the same as I; I thought it was a despicable act, but I did not march in protest trains to object to the act on behalf of all Norwegians, because in all fairness, what relates me to them other than on a shared national/cultural level? Their views do not represent me or my religious views and interpretations thereof, and as such I have no reason to openly object to them to the nation as a whole. Quite a few did object through news comments and articles, and to me, that was enough.

On the same level, the extreme fundamentalist Saudi/Wahhabism inspired religious views expressed by Mohyeldeen Mohammad in the last week, are not shared by any of the friends I have that regard themselves as muslim practitioners. They object and feel outraged when being associated with such views, but why should they form massive protests each time someone who calls themselves a Muslim blurts out something offensive?

But yet, the Muslim community has condemned it on a united front! Islamsk Råd (the Islamic Councel) has objected to the statements made last Saturday concerning a Norwegian 9/11, as well as the statements concerning death penalties for homosexuals. Amir Payan reported him to the police, and Usman Rana has at several occasions written that Muslims should object to the use of death penalty for homosexuality.

What more is there one can reasonably expect them to do?

This posting is largely an edited version of a response given to «Fred» at the blog called What’s wrong in Norway, which happens to be in English. Therefore this posting remains in English, although mainly aimed at a Norwegian speaking community.


One Response to When did you last go to a protest march?

  1. Norwaywrong sier:

    One thing I had a problem with was that when those threats against Norway were made in front of hundreds of Muslims, there was no booing, no protest, no one trying to shut him up.

    Just imagine a demonstration by Norwegians, and one speaker would start verbally attacking Muslims, suggesting a terrorist attack on them. I you were in that demonstration, would you remain silent unless you agreed?

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