Samsung GX-10 debug utility program

There is a utility program to set you Samsung GX-10 or Pentax K10D into Debug Mode, but it seems the original site that contained that program no longer exists. Therefore I am putting my backup online in case anyone wants it.

Why would you want to do this? Quite a few K10D/GX-10 owners complain about focusing issues. Using the debug mode you can apply a correction to the focus. It is not a per-lens setting though, and so it will affect all your lenses. But don’t worry, should it not work for some lens, you can always just reset it or change it to some better value. It did wonders for the focusing of my Pentax FA35 f/2, which consistently backfocused by a few inches (I set the compensation to +140µm).

You get the instructions  I used here, and the program is here. It works in Win XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (using admin mode).

For some reason the program is password protected. The password is


3 Responses to Samsung GX-10 debug utility program

  1. Carl-Erik sier:

    BTW, a perfect compensation for one lens might affect another adversely. A setting of +170µm on my Pentax SMC DA 16-45 f/4 is perfect for focusing on objects more than 2 meters away, but seriously screw up the performance on my FA35. Actually it works great at f/2, but at f/2.4 it starts to frontfocus …

  2. […] I just found a site called Pentax Hack where they have disassembled and examined the firmware of the various Pentax and Samsung cameras. It turns out that it is possible to enable the infamous DEBUG MODE on all the Pentax and Samsung DSLRs without using the program I have previously mentioned. […]

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