Partimage 0.6.7-1 for Ubuntu 8.10 on amd64

Partimage is a data backup tool for creating data images of complete disk partitions. Read more about it at its homepage

The latest available package for Ubuntu’s AMD64 bit platform (at the present time) is waaay old, and segfaults. Therefore I have built my own. You can get it here.

Just a tip if you want to compile the sources yourself (which you will need to do if you for instance use a 32 bit version of Ubuntu or some other Linux distro): There is an error in the source files which will keep you from successfully compiling them. You need to go the folder where you unpacked the sources and run this command to fix them:

find \( -name '*.h' -or -name '*.cpp' \) \
     -exec sed -i.bak 's/iostream.h/iostream/g' {} \;

edit, Jan26: changed a typo and the formatting of the command above (thanks to Anette!).
edit, May21:OMG! Anette was actually right all along. Those brackets actually made a difference! I always thought that the «-exec» part was regarded as outside of everything else that preceded it, but obviously not. The way it was, without the bracktets, it just caught the cpp-files. Should be right now.


11 Responses to Partimage 0.6.7-1 for Ubuntu 8.10 on amd64

  1. Annette sier:

    find command doesn’t work. try:

    find . \( -name ‘*.h’ -or -name ‘*.cpp’ \) -exec sed -i.bak ‘s/iostream.h/iostream/g’ {} \;

  2. Carl-Erik sier:

    Thanks for the tip, Anette. The dot and the brackets aren’t needed, though, but I missed a dash in front of the «or», and the «{} \;» part. What ever happened to testing before releasing? 😉

    edit (May21): You were indeed right all along. My bad.

  3. Lars K sier:

    Thanks for the fix!
    However, when I run find it somehow misses an include in src/shared/net.h, so I had to change it by hand – any idea why? All other (37 IIRC) files were changed.

  4. Carl-Erik sier:

    Inga årsak, Lars 🙂
    No, seriously, I don’t know why that happens, and I can’t see into it until I get to my computer tomorrow. I think it compiled after the first run, so I can’t tell straight away, but there is probably some logical explanation.

  5. Alexander sier:


    i tried to install your compiled built on my 9.04 amd64. it seems to install but i can’t access it…

    $ dpkg -i partimage_0.6.7-1_amd64.deb

    the last line i get in the bash is:
    Richte partimage ein (0.6.7-1) … (it’s german for something like «configuring partimage»

    when i try to run:
    $ partimage

    i get:
    The file «partimage» does not exist

    also compiling it myself doesn’t work – even with your tip. it breaks during the make with:
    Error: iostream.h: No such file or directory

    any help is greatly appreciated!
    greetings from germany…

  6. Carl-Erik sier:

    Er findet wahrscheinlich iostream.h nicht, weil du die c++ Bibliotheken nicht installiert hast.

    Du brauchst die libstdc++XXX-dev «package».


    Oder … du hast vielleicht nicht alle Instanzen von «<iostream.h>» mit «<iostream>» getauscht. Ich glaube eigentlich, dass das war was meine find-Kommando eigentlich lösen sollte. So du könntest es vielleicht nochmal ausführen.

    (Ich habe seit langem kein Deutsch geschrieben, so vergib mir mein schlechtes Grammatik :p )

  7. Carl-Erik sier:

    And I would think my package for 8.10 will break on 9.04 like you experienced. I would go for compiling it myself. Remember to start the find command from the same directory that the sources were unpacked into, not some subfolder.

  8. Alexander sier:

    Hey, thanks for your fast reply!

    Your german is very good! So i manually changed all references to iostream.h to iostream and then it compiled successfully.

    Your find-command somehow didn’t do that for me…

    now it works 🙂
    maybe this helps somebody else also with the same problem

    thanks again

  9. Carl-Erik sier:

    You’re welcome, Alex.

    But now I really wonder why the find command didn’t work for you. If it was executed from the top-folder it should have worked.
    Good for you that you managed to do it manually, anyway!

    [… booting to Ubuntu …]

  10. Carl-Erik sier:

    The find command actually didn’t change the header files containing «iostream.h» references. I changed it accordingly. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and here is proof that it works (grep the source before/after):

    23:32_acer6292:partimage-0.6.7$ grep -r "iostream.h" *
    src/shared/net.h:#include <iostream.h>
    src/server/partimaged-main.cpp:#include <iostream.h>
    src/server/partimaged.cpp:#include <iostream.h>
    23:32_acer6292:partimage-0.6.7$ find \(  -name '*.h' -or -name '*.cpp' \) \
       -exec sed -i.bak 's/iostream.h/iostream/g' {} \;
    23:33_acer6292:partimage-0.6.7$ grep -r "<iostream.h>" *
    src/shared/net.h.bak:#include <iostream.h>
    src/server/partimaged-main.cpp.bak:#include <iostream.h>
    src/server/partimaged.cpp.bak:#include <iostream.h>
    23:33_acer6292:partimage-0.6.7$ grep -r "<iostream>" *
    src/shared/net.h:#include <iostream>
    src/server/partimaged-main.cpp:#include <iostream>
    src/server/partimaged.cpp:#include <iostream>
  11. Holger sier:

    Worked for me too, thanks!

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