Incomplete problem driver list for Vista SP1

The localized versions of Vista Service Pack 1 finally arrived today, but as it were, I never got the option of updating my Vista install through Windows Update. The Norwegian computer site had some info that pointed to a Microsoft Help and Support article on just this matter.

After going through the list of drivers of problematic drivers, I found at that I needed to update some of the drivers for the hardware on my Acer Travelmate 6292. Acer has generally lousy customer support in most areas, including driver updates – they put the (often good and cheap) notebook together, and after that it is your problem.

So I had to find it myself. The Intel display driver was already updated through Windows update, but the fingerprint reader was not. After downloading it from UPEK, rebooting, starting Windows Update again, and looking for updates, it still wasn’t giving me the option of downloading.

Most probably I had somehow forgot about some driver, and so I looked over the list once again. No, everything good, but people are fallable, so I thought the list might not be complete.

Realtek AC’97
• For x86-based computers: Alcxwdm.sys – version or earlier

Travelmate 6292 is shipped with the newer HD Audio, not the ancient AC’97 chip, but after checking the driver details I realised they used the same version numbering. And mine was below …1.6242. After venturing to Realtek Taiwan, I finally found the piece I was missing, and SP1 was available for download!


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