CrossOver Office

Crossover Office is a commersial version of WINE. WINE acts as a layer between Windows programs and the operating system, catching all so-called API calls to Windows functions, and making the program think it runs on Windows. Basically, this means you can run Windows programs on platforms other than Windows. WINE has also been ported to Mac OS X.
Microsoft Office XP on Linux
I got hold of a version to try out, and while it is no do-it-all, it makes it possible to run a number of big titles on Linux such as MS Office, Quicken, … as well as some games such as WOW (but HOMM3 Complete is my favorite). I just made a small test, but as you can see, both Microsoft Word and Excel (from Office XP) function well. I even installed Internet Explorer 6 🙂
The let-down is that I could not get MS Office 2007 and IE7 to install – the former complained about a missing DLL, and the latter required a genuine Windows installation… You can’t have it all, I guess. In addition to that Outlook and Frontpage would not run, but all the other apps functioned well.


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