Problems with Subversion and UTF-8

I just went through the process of making a revision control system – a system to track file changes through time. I personally will just use it as a backup system that will hopefully solve all the tedious problems involved in making backups (checking that the file is worth keeping, not duplicating things that haven’t changed, etc.). Being Norwegian, I have come across a problem not too common in the English speaking world, but as it seems, quite normal in all the other parts of the world that uses more than just A-Z.

I came across the problem when importing files to my repository

Error while performing action: Valid UTF-8 data
(hex: 6f 62 73 65 72 76 61 74)
followed by invalid UTF-8 sequence
(hex: f8 72 73 6b)

Now this is not saying me much – not anyone else for that matter either, as the error message is way too brief to be of any use, but in the context (file importing) and with the keyword (utf-8) I had some clues. Those led me to this page that stated that he came across the problem when importing files, and one of the files were named with a Chinese charset – not UTF-8, as one should (when possible). Both his and my problem were fixed by simply changing the name to something else. This time with «legal» letters. So there you go: simply change the offending letter to something else (in Norway: æ, ø, å frequently causes trouble).


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