Compression – a short round-up

Tried out several compression utilities some time ago, using the programs mentioned in this extensive article. Here are my findings in short:

  • 7-zip: The best compression (87-90%)
  • rzip: More than three times as fas as 7zip, and almost as good
  • lzop: insanely fast and sufficient compression (70-74%).

The biggest test was with a 8MB tarfile composed of Word documents and textfiles. Average filesize 20KB.

  1. 7-zip: 87% compression in 35 sec
  2. rzip: 84% compression in 9 sec
  3. lzop: 74% compression in 0.5 sec (!)

The other with a 810KB tarfile (mostly C and Python code).

  1. 7-zip: 85kb, 1.5sec
  2. rzip: 102kb, 0.6sek
  3. lzop: 214kb, 0.06sek

One Response to Compression – a short round-up

  1. Carl-Erik sier:

    Today I made mirror-images of my laptop’s hard disk. Every compressor except lzop slowed the process down on my PIII 500Mhz, but there were no apparent slow-down – as you might have already guessed from the numbers above.

    This oneliner might save you some time in the future (it was what I used to back my disks up on the network attached disk):

    for i in 1 2; do
    time dd if=/dev/hda$i bs=4k|lzop > /BACKUP-FOLDER/hda$i.lzo;

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