More proxy info: retrieving time

My laptop’s clock battery has run out, and as such I have to keep resetting the clock each time I reboot the computer, in order not to stay at Jan 1 1970 (which causes a lot of problems, by the way). Usually I do this automatically through the ntpdate program in a boot-up script. But at the time being I’m stuck behind a PROXY, and as such no UDP (which the NetworkTimeProtocol uses) protocols can be used. Luckily there is a solution! Allthough not as accurate as ntpdate (which is accurate to milli- or in some cases, microseconds), htpdate can give you accuracy up to +/- 0.5 second. Which is sufficient in my case. The author has devised the «HTTP Time Protocol» (which is not really a protocol) in a manner in which the program strips out the time bit from a HTTP response, and uses this to set the time. If you supply the program with more hosts (up to 16) the answer will be even more accurate. Get it here.


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